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Our Brand

Temple & Home was founded in 2017 by a teenage Isabella Agius. With an abundance of passion for health & design, a lifestyle brand became a natural calling for her. Being raised with the motto 'quality over quantity', it was imperative that Temple & Home sourced high-quality goods from near and far. Along with a clear intention of conducting fair & kind business.

Today, Temple & Home is an online lifestyle brand that extends a thoughtful & timeless range of home & lifestyle essentials for eco-conscious individuals. We also cultivate valuable knowledge to share within our growing community of  like-minded people. We are dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of happiness and embracing the life we've been gifted. Providing insight & wisdom allows us to navigate through life in a more enlightened way. We are all in this together.



While treading lightly & empowering a creative community, we celebrate the beauty in simplicity and our connection to craftsmanship and our Earth.

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